Thursday, December 14, 2017


Fujisengen Shrine 
This special sacred Shrine is dedicated to the Konohanasakuia Princess located in Shizuoka Prefecture, visited by the Waitaha Grandfathers Tuwharerangi and /Te Porohau and in the presence of Senior Guide Junko Nakatani San. 2017

Ceremonial Hand washing before prayers, lovely Ka, like Waitaha blood.

Two wonderful Tenghu Masks that are ceremonial

Ceremonial Dress given to brother Tuwharerangi for the occasion
                            Te Porohau and Tuwharerangi posing for Tengu Masks

The Waitaha Grandfathers Council wishes to thank Waitaha Japan, Junko Nakatani san and Hiroko Higa san for the wonderful journey that our brother Tuwharerangi experienced during his two weeks in Yamato. Love and blessings from the Council.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Grandfather Tuwharerangi and Te Porohau with staff at Kashima Grand Shrine

We were escorted and guided through the sacred grounds of the Kashima Grand Shrine by senior staff we thank them very much for the privilege also Grandfathers give love and respect to Junko and Yukiko elder brother Okawa for their company

Two grandfathers with two priests who gave us the histories and mysteries of the Kashima Grand Shrine, which we thoroughly enjoyed. It spoke of huge kaitiaki that live in the Earth underneath the Shrine and keep it safe from Earthquake and Flood. Namazu is the name of the Great Giant Fish that has the Kaitiakitanga Role that keeps them safe. It is so deep in the roots of the Shinto Religion. Thank you so very much gentlemen for the wonderful tour of the Grounds.

Here we are accompanied by Yukiko Okawa whose father loves and supports the Kashima Grand Shrine with both works, donations and significant honours. Thank you, Yukiko, our love and blessings from the Waitaha Grandfathers.

Brothers Te Porohau and Tuwharerangi Ruka Te Korakora enjoying the visit to Kashima Grand Shrine with their hostess and Guide Junko Nakatani San, at the entrance gates. We love you Junko san and thank you for the awhi and tautoko of our Waitaha Grandfathers Council Members

Monday, September 11, 2017

Waitaha Water Gathering 2014

Blue Thunder is watching us from shining star

Japanese Syugen master and Dragon dramer

Japanese Yin Yang master



Friday, September 8, 2017

Water Gathering in Waitangi 2014
fire ceremony led by Haguro Yamabushi Mr.Hoshino

Thursday, September 7, 2017